Welcome to Transformation!

“Darkness has a hunger that’s insatiable and lightness has a call that’s hard to hear” Indigo Girls

In the business of keeping up with the many details of life we may lose ourselves in darkness, stress, worry and fear.  Will the bills be paid?  Is my career working? Is this the right relationship? Are the children taken care of? Am I being productive enough? Lightness of the beauty and joy of life can easily be lost in the shuffle.

Sacred Nourishment is what nourishes us in every aspect of life.  Our culture keeps us so active we can easily forget what truly nourishes our spirit.  Nourishment takes place on the basic levels of a child’s laugh, a hug from a friend or a needed “good job” ; to the complexity of what it takes to have healthy relationships to ourselves, others and the food we eat to sustain our existence. We need to be nourished in a Sacred way every day. To make a real difference in our lives we must address our whole being: physical, mental and spiritual.  Sacred Nourishment is a designed for authentic and lasting transformation!


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